Our company provides shipyard services and maintenance works to all kinds of vessels from small recreational craft to large commercial ships. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to perform complex refits including those for ship’s class renewal. Apart from our own technical base we continuously cooperate with respected and adequately licensed professional subcontractors. We believe in partnership with our co-workers, because this way we can comprehensively manage even the most complex projects. Even though we are based in Poland, our offer includes providing ship services in foreign countries.

The detailed list of services offered is:

Marine electrics and automatics

  • design and development of ship’s electricity network;
  • diagnostics and repair of faults;
  • creation of energy balances;
  • selection of power devices;
  • cable laying, creation of cable tracks.

Rust removal – cleaning and grinding of metal surfaces

  • mechanical rust removal with pneumatic hammers and angle grinders;
  • abrasive blasting rust removal – sandblasting of large surfaces, pipes, angle bars and other elements of equipment;
  • hydrodynamic high-pressure rust removal (water jetting).

Installation of Georg Fisher pipe systems

Heat sealed systems (polypropylene), glued systems (polyvinyl chloride) and other. It is possible to use materials resistant to chemicals and high temperature. The product has been allowed to be used on ships and is well known and recommended by leading classification authorities. The following components can be used in the above mentioned technologies:

  • pipes, including transparent pipes;
  • fittings and couplings, both threaded and transitional;
  • elements of flange connections;
  • ball valves and butterfly valves controlled manually and automatically;
  • diaphragm valves, angle valves and reverse valves;
  • filters and control-measurement equipment.

Hull works

  • measuring hull thickness;
  • examination of welds;
  • painting;
  • minor welding;
  • minor metal works.


  • repair and maintenance of machinery and devices;
  • diagnostics;
  • current servicing of mechanisms.

Demolition, assembly, maintenance and cleaning

  • cleaning docks, decks and below-deck areas;
  • cleaning of tanks, engineroom and cargo holds;
  • dismantling and demolition works.

Remonty jachtów i usługi szkutnicze

  • yacht repair and maintenance;
  • wooden hull refits;
  • traditional boatbuilding;
  • fiberglass hull repair;
  • laminating works;
  • interior design and construction;
  • exotic timber decks;
  • yacht transportation and delivery.